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Axonify Launches Enhanced Platform to Address Growing Employee Knowledge Problem

Posted on: April 23, 2016

Triple Year-Over-Year Customer Growth Announced As Company Adds New Capabilities To Address Swelling Employee Knowledge Requirements WATERLOO – November 17, 2015 – Axonify, an innovator in the corporate learning space, today announced that it has evolved its award-winning eLearning solution to a full-scale Employee Knowledge Platform designed to help corporations solve the growing employee knowledge crisis.

More than ever before, employees are overwhelmed with what they need to know on the job—across every functional area. Traditional training technologies simply check a completion box rather than help employees build and retain knowledge for the long term. The consequence is that they lack the knowledge they need to take the right actions at work—resulting in lost sales revenue, poor leadership performance, increased safety incidents and more—all significant costs to the business. Axonify is the only Employee Knowledge Platform that pushes beyond the boundaries of traditional eLearning offerings. Built with the fundamentals of brain science, adaptive learning, microlearning and gamification at its core, the Axonify platform has been enhanced with sophisticated knowledge-on-demand performance support capabilities, coaching and mentoring support, as well as transformational behavior and business impact measurement capabilities—never before seen in a learning solution. The platform now offers everything an organization needs to ensure employees have the knowledge they require, assess if employees are applying what they’ve learned on the job and measure the bottom-line impact. “Our platform makes employees smarter so that they can perform better,” says Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify. “It’s no longer just about having a way to deliver content more effectively to a large group of people. With Axonify, every one of our customers can ensure their employees get the individual knowledge they need, right at the point they need it. We sustain it, grow it, allow them to share it, capture how they apply it and we measure the outcomes. Axonify is transforming corporate knowledge itself—going way beyond just eLearning.” Support for this direction comes from progressive world leaders like Walmart, John Hancock, Toyota and Bloomingdale’s, who are turning to Axonify to dramatically increase employee knowledge in a way that’s engaging, easy and effective. “Axonify is giving us the ability to educate associates, and demonstrate changes in behavior to really make a safe environment,” says Chad McIntosh, Vice President of Loss Prevention and Risk Management at Bloomingdale’s “We’ve had a lot of success with the program and, in the process, it has saved our organization $2.2 million this past year alone” New product capabilities strengthen Axonify’s existing trail blazing innovations that surpass the expectations and needs of the market. The new capabilities include:

  • Microlearning: Designed to deliver short, daily bursts of learning to drive sustained knowledge growth through a gamified interface. The system’s proprietary adaptive capabilities automatically identify and close knowledge gaps.
  • Knowledge-on-Demand: Provides knowledge at the exact moment an employee needs it. It builds a bridge between experts, learning professionals and employees to facilitate knowledge exchange and sharing.
  • Influential Leadership/Coaching: Puts real insights into the hands of team managers and leaders, showing them exactly what their employees know and don’t know and how this is impacting their performance on the job. Leaders access and review real-time individual and team analytics, identifying when coaching, mentoring and additional training is needed.
  • Behavior Observations and Measurement Through to Business Results: Allows organizations to track and measure the impact of knowledge growth on employee behaviors and business results, whether it’s an increase in sales or a reduction in safety incidents.

Existing eLearning tools fail to drive sustained knowledge growth and improve employee and organizational performance. Whether organizations want to increase employee knowledge around safety procedures, product information, or customer service training, learning, retaining and applying essential information is necessary to drive performance, productivity and engagement. Axonify’s platform delivers on this need with its innovative approach. “Our mutual fund business has grown significantly over the past few years along with increasing product complexity,” said Charles Rizzo, CFO/SVP for the John Hancock Group of Funds. “At the same time, our desire to enhance employee expertise in our funds focused the business on modernized training methods to enable our professional staff to learn and retain information while having fun doing it in a more complex business environment. Axonify has been a catalyst in our learning transformation efforts.” Pricing and availability Axonify’s platform is priced per user and is dependent on the number of users as well as the software package level customers choose. The product is in-market now with 80 customers that have already received this update through the SaaS based Axonify platform. About Axonify Axonify is pushing beyond the boundaries of eLearning with the introduction of the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform. Powerhouse brands like Walmart, Toyota and Johnson & Johnson are leveraging the Axonify platform to fuel their employees with the knowledge they need to be successful on the job. Built with the fundamentals of brain science, adaptive learning, gamification, microlearning and knowledge-on-demand at its core, the award-winning Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform is proven to encourage employees to take the right actions—ultimately driving business outcomes that increase revenue or decrease expenses. Through its unique analytics and reporting capabilities, Axonify is the only solution that allows organizations to finally tie the impact of employee knowledge to behavior change to bottom line results. Axonify: Fuel your people + power your organization. -30- For more information, please contact: Laura Martin, VP of Marketing Axonify Inc. Email: lmartin(at) Tel: 519-585-1200 x203