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Axonify Recognized as a Great Place to Work®

Posted on: April 28, 2017

Toronto, ON – Axonify, the company behind the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform, is once again being recognized as one of this year’s Best Workplaces in Canada, ranking #10. This list, and related stories, will appear in a special national report on Thursday, April 27, 2017 in The Globe and Mail.

Besides being a great place to work, Axonify also empowers other businesses around the world to become great places to work through its Employee Knowledge Platform. The platform provides a powerful, fun, and engaging way for employees to learn that helps equip them with the right knowledge so they can be successful in their roles. Axonify employees are proud of their product and services, and every day witness firsthand how the Employee Knowledge Platform positively affects customers.

“At Axonify we want every employee to believe that what they do matters,” said Carol Leaman, President and CEO of Axonify. “Every decision, every interaction, and every piece of work produced contributes to our being a better company. And at the end of their careers we want everyone to say that Axonify was the best place they ever worked.”

This list of “Best Workplaces in Canada” is compiled by Great Place to Work® Institute Canada. The competition process is based on two criteria: two-thirds of the total score comes from a 58-statement survey completed by a random selection of employees, along with their open-ended comments about their organization; the remaining one-third of the score comes from an in-depth review of the organization’s culture, including an evaluation of HR policies and procedures. This offers a rigorous representation of the organization from an employee perspective, and an overall portrait of the workplace culture. Together, they provide crucial data relative to the five trust-building dimensions of a great place to work®: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie.

This year’s list received more than 400 nominations and more than 60,000 employees participated in the 2017 “Best Workplaces in Canada” survey.

For information on how to participate in next year’s “Best Workplaces in Canada” list or on how to create a Great Place to Work®, please contact the Institute at bestworkplaces(at) or visit

At Axonify we believe a great attitude leads to great results, and are looking for employees who take a positive approach to solving problems, strive towards excellence, and are not afraid to challenge convention. If you are a job seeker who fits that description, come join our team.

About Great Place to Work:

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. We are a research and consulting firm whose mission is to build a better society by helping companies transform their workplaces. Through proprietary assessment tools, advisory services, and employer branding programs, including workplace certification and Best Workplaces lists, Great Place to Work® provides the benchmarks, framework, and expertise needed to create, sustain, and recognize outstanding workplace cultures. In Canada, Great Place to Work® produces the annual 100 Best Workplaces list, released in a national feature in the Globe and Mail. This is part of the world’s largest annual workplace study, which culminates in a series of national lists in over 50 countries, including the study’s flagship list of 100 Best companies published annually in Fortune magazine. Globally, this survey represents the voices of 11 million employees, including approximately 300,000 from Canada alone. It’s what makes this study so credible: the primary determinant used in selecting winners is an employee survey. There’s only one way to get on this list – and that’s if your employees put you there.

Great Place to Work® online at and on Twitter at @GPTW_Canada.

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About Axonify

Axonify is pushing beyond the boundaries of eLearning with the introduction of the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform. Powerhouse brands such as Walmart, Toyota and Johnson & Johnson use the Axonify platform to fuel their employees with the knowledge they need to be successful on the job. Built with the fundamentals of brain science, adaptive learning, gamification, microlearning and knowledge-on-demand at its core, the award-winning Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform is proven to encourage employees to take the right actions — ultimately driving business outcomes that increase revenue or decrease expenses. Through its unique analytics and reporting capabilities, Axonify is the only solution that allows organizations to finally tie the impact of employee knowledge to behavior change to bottom line results. Axonify: Fuel your people + power your organization.