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Axonify Unveils Axonify Behaviors, A Powerful New Feature That Ties Employee Learning To Behavior For Measurable Bottom-Line Impact

Posted on: April 23, 2016

This innovative solution empowers organizations with the learning and measurement tools they need to achieve desired business results

Axonify-Behavior-TrackingWATERLOO – January 27, 2016 – Axonify, an innovator in the corporate learning space, today announced the introduction of Axonify Behaviors, a game-changing new component of the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform. For the first time ever, organizations can measure the impact of learning on knowledge growth, track if this knowledge growth translates into the right actions (behaviors) on the job and then tie these behaviors to business results. Corporate learning programs are of little or no value if they cannot help employees achieve the goals of the business. Axonify is the first organization to solve this global problem. The company is exclusively disrupting the corporate learning space by simply and systematically addressing the gap between learning and the needs of the business.

In November 2015, Axonify introduced the market to the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform, an award-winning solution built with the fundamentals of brain science, adaptive learning, gamification, microlearning and knowledge-on-demand at its core. Axonify Behaviors identifies gaps between learning and on-the-job behaviors, allowing organizations to react and adjust quickly before those behaviors negatively impact the business. Managers can define a set of optimal performance behaviors that are critical to achieving specific business outcomes and then observe, track and record how often employees exhibit these behaviors. At the same time, Axonify Behaviors automatically compares these observations with the defined optimal behaviors to fine-tune learning employees receive continually through the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform. This ongoing process ensures employees get the information they need to boost their knowledge and understanding, so they can take the right actions on the job.

“In Walmart Logistics, safe behaviors are integral to our culture,” said Ken Woodlin, VP Logistics – Compliance, Safety and Asset Protection, from Walmart. “Axonify has been an essential part of our innovatively successful safety program for the past four years and we are very excited to be pioneering the Axonify Behaviors component of the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform. Axonify Behaviors should allow us to measure not only what our associates know about safety but, more importantly, confirm they are exhibiting the desired behaviors to maintain a safe work environment. We should be able to be even more proactive in addressing unsafe behaviors before an at-risk incident happens. With the help of Axonify, I believe our associates will continue to improve upon their thought processes and be active in supporting our safety culture.”

Traditional solutions on the market fail to drive sustained knowledge growth and improve employee and organizational performance. Effective learning through to action (behaviors) is one of the most elusive and difficult challenges faced by organizations because existing tools and processes do not connect learning to business outcomes. Whether organizations want to increase employee knowledge around safety procedures, product information, or customer service training, learning, retaining and applying essential information is necessary to drive performance, productivity and engagement.

“Our unique and disruptive platform focuses on meeting the needs of the business first. Instead of simply delivering learning for learning’s sake, Axonify helps build employee knowledge that translates into the right actions on the job, so businesses can achieve their goals,” says Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify. “With Axonify Behaviors, businesses finally have a way to measure the impact of learning on the job and link those behaviors to tangible results, like increased sales or decreased safety incidents.”

About Axonify

Axonify is pushing beyond the boundaries of eLearning with the introduction of the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform. Powerhouse brands like Walmart, Toyota and Johnson & Johnson are leveraging the Axonify platform to fuel their employees with the knowledge they need to be successful on the job. Built with the fundamentals of brain science, adaptive learning, gamification, microlearning and knowledge-on-demand at its core, the award-winning Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform is proven to encourage employees to take the right actions—ultimately driving business outcomes that increase revenue or decrease expenses. Through its unique analytics and reporting capabilities, Axonify is the only solution that allows organizations to finally tie the impact of employee knowledge to behavior change to bottom line results.

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