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Axonify Unveils Next Generation eLearning Solution

Posted on: April 23, 2016

Using Game Mechanics and Brain Science to drive Knowledge Retention

WATERLOO, Ontario – Sept. 4, 2012 – Axonify today announced the launch of the next generation of its breakthrough eLearning platform, designed to change the way employees learn, retain and apply knowledge in the workplace. Unlike other eLearning solutions, Axonify reinforces critical learning with a truly unique approach by delivering bite-sized content on a daily basis, using game mechanics and brain science to drive engagement and real learning transfer.

“We’ve set out to change the industry by revolutionizing the way organizations deliver training content to their employees,” said Carol Leaman, president and CEO at Axonify. “Other eLearning systems have failed to address the retention and application of learning in the workplace. Our customers are seeing tens of millions of dollars a year in return on our solution, simply by making learning stick through continuous reinforcement of content delivered in a fun, engaging way.”

The latest version of the software platform has vastly expanded gaming and reward elements, deepened cognitive science to drive effectiveness, and improved scale, flexibility and ease of use for the large customers comprising Axonify’s target markets.

With Axonify, employees receive personalized training every day in the form of 2-3 targeted questions via any web-enabled device, including mobile, tablet and point of sale (POS) system. Questions are repeated over time to reinforce concepts and retention is measured every time. When an employee demonstrates a knowledge gap, he/she receives an engaging, short training burst. The entire experience takes about a minute a day.

“I think Axonify’s approach to eLearning is unique in the industry. It addresses the problems companies have with learner retention and transfer,” said Connie Malamed, Publisher of The eLearning Coach. “Instructional designers will like how it’s compatible with their current toolset and busy learners will appreciate the short bursts of training.”

No other solution offers bite-sized learning that is personalized, fun and drives measurable outcomes for corporate enterprise. The Axonify solution is:

Fun & Rewarding: Game mechanics are used to deliver questions in interesting, fun and engaging ways. They not only increase participation, but accelerate employee learning.

Personalized: No other eLearning solution offers truly individualized training allowing each employee to follow their own path. Questions and content are tailored to each individual, based on their role, learning style and knowledge. Axonify continually analyzes what every employee remembers, or not. Questions are repeated in different ways until a high level of retention is applied.

Measurable: Axonify is the only solution that ties training outcomes to specific financial results. Participation levels and question success metrics are correlated by person, location, job title etc. Results are tied to metrics such as safety incidents, shrink and sales revenue.

Flexible: Training teams can easily update and manage content, allowing them to quickly respond and target new learning areas. Location or role specific needs are also easily accommodated.

About Axonify
Axonify is a Waterloo based technology company using concepts of behavioral science combined with gamification to change the way companies train their employees. Axonify is proven to improve sales and service levels, reduce safety incidents and inventory shrinkage and change employee behaviour to operationalize learning. The system creates a real-time, personalized knowledge map employee by employee, which identifies and closes information gaps. Participation and success rates are measured and correlated to specific corporate outcomes that drive revenue or reduce expenses. Customers include Pep Boys, Walmart and Toys”R”Us Canada. For more information, please visit: (Twitter: @Axonify)