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Best Safety Training Ideas: Mix of Classroom, Hands-On Learning Helps… | Milling Journal

Posted on: August 5, 2021

“People have responded well and pay close attention when the training information closely matches the equipment they actually use, such as with personal protective equipment and gas monitors for enclosed spaces.

“If you can make training fun and hands-on outside or inside the workplace, people respond better. We’ve suspended people in harnesses so they could better understand what it’s like. It really brings it home and helps people realize that suspension straps are a good idea because they take pressure off the legs.

“For longer training topics with lots of material to cover, I like to break up seat time vs. hands-on time. For example, for fall protection training – which can be death by PowerPoint – we cover content and talk about suspension trauma. Then, we go outside and show what it’s actually like by suspending employees. Then we go inside to cover more content, and later, we go back outside and assess connections and discuss what makes a good connection. It works well to teach a concept in the classroom and then go outside to apply it.”

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