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Bloomingdale’s Presents on How Microlearning Has Shaved Millions Off the Bottom Line at the 2016 Learning Solutions Conference & Expo

Posted on: April 23, 2016

Who: Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify, and Chad McIntosh, Vice President of Loss Prevention and Risk Management of Bloomingdale’s, will present on why Bloomingdale’s decided to break away from conventional learning practices and apply a microlearning strategy way back in 2012—long before microlearning was a well-known concept. Results have been nothing short of dramatic. Together, Ms. Leaman and Mr. McIntosh will profile Bloomingdale’s experiences, discuss what the company learned in its three-year journey with Axonify, and outline how to identify and deploy the right ingredients for an effective microlearning program. Aimed at learning leaders, who are looking to advance their approach to better meet the needs of the business and its employees, Ms. Leaman and Mr. McIntosh’s perspectives provide both an intimate and refreshing look at how microlearning has evolved and how Axonify has been on the forefront of that seismic shift.

What: Learning Solutions 2016 is all about connecting practitioners and decision makers with their peers. Attendees are focused on sharing what works as they explore proven methods for leveraging technology in ways that enhance learning and performance in their organizations.

Why: Learning Solutions 2016 is for training and learning professionals focused on the design, development, management, and/or distribution of technology-based learning, performance support, or blended solutions incorporating traditional training. The program supports the entire learning team, so regardless of a professional’s specific role, they’ll find the tools, technologies, ideas, strategies, and best practices for success.

When: Thursday, March 17, 4:00-5:00 pm

Where: Orlando, FL, Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista, Room LS803

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