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Axonify Responds to Market Frustration Around Ineffective Content That Fails to Drive Business Results with Axonify Content Exchange Launch

Posted on: October 3, 2017

The new content exchange houses thousands of video-based micro-learning topics that are architected to engage employees and drive results.

Waterloo, ON (October 3, 2017)Axonify, the company behind the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform, announced today the launch of the Axonify Content Exchange™, a vast library of content that offers thousands of on-demand video and question-based micro-learning topics, purpose-built to impact employee performance that leads to results.

Offering 7,000+ topics that address today’s top business challenges, like compliance, cybersecurity, workplace safety, sales and more, the Content Exchange makes it easy for companies to power their Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform with new, fresh content that is built to drive the results they want.

Built in response to growing market frustrations around ineffective training content that consumes the bulk of L&D budgets today, Axonify’s Content Exchange provides the perfect fuel for employees who must remember critical information to do their jobs effectively.

“Organizations spend an enormous amount of money creating and acquiring learning content, but still struggle with making sure the content drives results,” said David Wentworth, Principal Analyst, Learning and Development at Brandon Hall Group. “Axonify’s approach to the content puzzle helps put learning closer to the point of performance, which aligns perfectly with Brandon Hall Group’s Learning & Performance Convergence model. The model is designed to help companies more closely link learning with both individual and organizational performance outcomes—and the right content is the key to its success.”

Micro-topics available through the Content Exchange have been strategically architected using the Axonify Instructional Design Methodology™ (IDM). IDM starts with a clearly defined business outcome, and then works back to guide the entire eco-system of relevant content to achieve it. By starting with the business objective in mind, every piece of content focuses on the information employees need to know and serves up the right mix of learning to help them remember and apply that knowledge on the job.

Axonify has partnered with the world’s leading providers and industry experts, such as BizLibrary, to stock the Content Exchange with results-focused lessons covering the most important topics currently facing organizations.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Axonify,” said Dean Pichee, CEO of BizLibrary. “Axonify and BizLibrary share a similar vision on what’s needed to make corporate learning relevant to the business, and we are confident that the combination of BizLibrary’s microlearning content with Axonify’s Employee Knowledge Platform is the perfect way to keep employees engaged with the right content, at the right time—while driving the measureable business results that you want for your organization.”

“The content that’s housed in the new Axonify Content Exchange is the perfect fuel for our Employee Knowledge Platform,” said Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify. “When the right content is fed through our platform, our adaptive algorithm helps build and sustain knowledge that translates directly into employee performance and results. Our customers have high levels of engagement with Axonify and consume content quickly. Our new content library allows our customers to keep pace with changing business needs, and introduce new, fresh content that is designed to drive meaningful impact.”

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