How BT uses microlearning and gamification to transform customer service

Learn how BT transformed customer service by implementing a new approach to training. Written by Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify.

“Customer service is important to most businesses but for a telecom company⁠—it is absolutely critical. People simply aren’t willing to wait and since the market is a large, competitive one, they don’t have to.

BT Consumer is the division of British Telecommunications Group responsible for consumer fixed-voice and broadband services. Determined to move ahead of a highly competitive pack of telecom competitors, it aims to offer a second-to-none customer service experience.

As a first step, BT decided to survey its customers. The results uncovered two important facts. Firstly, clients want to speak to contact centers located in the UK, and secondly, they want their concerns dealt with by the first advisor (and not be passed on to others or called back).

BT responded by creating 2,200 new advisor jobs locally and launched a 12-month recruitment plan. This response triggered a major challenge. Getting these new advisors up to speed quickly while reducing call-handling time.

To achieve this, it set some ambitious goals:

  • Improve customer service at every level
  • Reduce customer callback by equipping advisors to find a resolution at first point of contact
  • Grow advisor knowledge, confidence and broaden skillset on a wide range of products and services to reduce call-handling time
  • Decrease new recruit onboarding time so advisors could speak to customers faster

It was obvious that BT would need a robust training platform to allow its newly hired advisors to hit the ground running. A traditional training approach wasn’t going to cut it.

BT’s previous training method centered around four to five-week classroom onboarding sessions for new hires. The content was general and tended to focus on the lowest levels, as generalized content frequently does…”

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