Meeting The Needs Of The Modern Life Sciences Learner: Bite-Sized, Gamified And Based On The Latest In Brain Science

Who: Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify, will be joined by Rebecca Reeves of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics to discuss a new approach to learning built around the needs of the modern life sciences learner. logo

In a special Learning Lab, Ms. Leaman and Ms. Reeves will introduce an innovative approach to corporate learning that aligns with the needs of today’s modern learner. Specifically, this session will introduce a fundamentally different approach to training that is bite-sized, gamified and based on the latest in brain science. Participants will learn first-hand how Ortho Clinical Diagnostics is breaking away from outdated training methods and embracing a modern approach to learning.

What: The 44th annual LTEN conference will bring together more than 700 of the most important pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic training professionals to meet, learn and grow. LTEN is the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the professional goals of trainers and educators in the life sciences. Founded in 1971, LTEN has grown to over 1,400 members.

Why: Most prestigious conference in the field providing the most guidance for development

  • Top-rated educational sessions
  • World-renowned speakers
  • Networking with like-minded peers from around the world
  • World-class EXPO
  • Benchmark practices against today’s industry leaders

When: Tuesday, June 2 from 12:00-12:20 pm

Where: JW Marriott, Phoenix, Arizona

Media Contact:
Laura Martin, lmartin[at]

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