Grow your pipeline

As a Reseller Partner, we’ve got your back, totally supporting your efforts to sell Axonify into both your current customer base and new prospects.

Think there’s a great mutual fit?

What it takes to succeed

As an Axonify Reseller, you feel that microlearning would be a fundamental part of your growth plan and the future of corporate learning. To reap the rewards, you are willing to make the investment required to effectively market, sell and support Axonify implementations.

What you bring to the table

Axonify Reseller Partners should have the following:

  • Strength, skills and desire to put some marketing and sales muscle behind bringing microlearning to your market
  • Specific vertical expertise where microlearning can make a difference
What you can expect from us

We’re committed to helping Axonify Resellers every step of the way–from joint business planning and in-deal support, to helping you set up your own microlearning center of excellence. We’re also committed to providing you with:

  • An impressive best-in-class microlearning platform that keeps evolving with the pace of modern business
  • Access to a resource-rich Partner Portal to help you not only learn about Axonify, but provide you with what you need to support and accelerate your success

Interested in becoming an Axonify Reseller?