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Millions of frontline employees around the globe spend a few minutes each day training on the Axonify platform. Because their organizations know that investing in the performance of their frontline is the fastest, most effective path to a strong bottom line.

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The world already has enough learning solutions that people don’t like to use. So, we’re pretty picky about what we put into ours. We’ve carefully built every aspect of our product, content library and service offerings to make a meaningful difference for your business.

Build the right mix of training modules, tasks, events and compliance certifications into every new hire’s learning path to get them contributing in their new role sooner. Then, continue to build their knowledge and performance over time with daily training so the things they learn in onboarding actually stick.


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Screenshot of the onboarding experience for new hires

Automate the compliance process by building it right into your employee’s daily training, no extra administration required. Then continue to reinforce the critical things employees need to remember to stay safe and productive. Built-in reporting makes it easy to see who’s completed their training, who’s overdue and who needs a reminder.


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Example of compliance training in Axonify

Continually reinforce the top things you need your employees to know, with focused, bite-sized bursts of information right in the flow of work.You can count on Axonify to continually measure what each individual knows and doesn’t know, so we can deliver an adaptive learning experience designed to close their own individual learning gaps.


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Communicate consistent, timely updates with your employees to keep them in the know, then continue to reinforce the most important points to make sure your message sticks.


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Example of a communication message to frontline employees using Axonify

Whether you’ve got lots of legacy content or are just getting started, we’ve got your back. You can choose to visit our ready-to-go content marketplace or work with our team of learning experts to stock your platform with meaningful content that fits your needs, fast.


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Empower your frontline leaders with data visualizations that help them easily measure and understand what their teams know and don’t know. Then, give them actionable insights to help them identify meaningful coaching opportunities to support their teams. Plus, learning leaders can see what training content is influencing metrics—like customer satisfaction, first call resolution and shrink—so they know what’s working and what’s missing the mark.


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Screenshot showing user metrics in the Axonify learning platform.

Searching for information on the frontlines should be as easy as finding a recipe online. With Axonify it is. Keep critical resources and job aids at your employees’ fingertips, right in the flow of work, in a place they access every day.


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Launching a new solution can be overwhelming, without the right support. At Axonify it’s all hands on deck to help you get off to a strong start, then keep a good thing going. From implementation to ongoing success and support, we’ve got you covered.


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Easily bring together all of the tools you need to deliver a streamlined experience for your frontline – and your admins. Use our out-of-the-box integrations or get creative with our open APIs.


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