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Millions of frontline employees around the globe spend a few minutes each day training on the Axonify platform. Because their organizations know that investing in the performance of their frontline is the fastest, most effective path to a strong bottom line.

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Every frontline employee wants to feel fully supported in their role. From day one, Axonify is there to help them get up to speed by focusing only on the things they need to do their job well. Then we’ll continue to build their knowledge and confidence every day to make sure they’re successful. From onboarding and compliance to events and reporting, we’ve got your frontline covered.

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Our brains just aren’t built to remember a firehose of information. The Axonify platform continually reminds your people of the top things you need them to know, using focused, bite-sized bursts of information and other techniques proven by science to make learning memorable.

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Keeping your frontline in the loop on important updates they need to do their job can feel like a game of broken telephone. With Axonify you can instantly push out targeted updates to your frontline where they’ll actually see them — right in the training solution they use every shift.

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Whether you’ve got lots of legacy content or are just getting started, we’ve got your back. You can choose to work with our team of learning experts, visit our ready-to-go content marketplace and access self-service tools to help you stock your platform with content that fits your needs, fast.

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It’s hard for frontline managers to know where to focus their coaching efforts when they’re busy juggling lots of other responsibilities. Empower your frontline leaders with data that helps them easily measure and understand what their teams know and don’t know. Then, give them actionable insights to help them identify meaningful coaching opportunities to support their teams.

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We’re more than a modern learning solution, we’re your partner. We’ll be by your side every step of the way to build a learning solution that delivers the results you’re after. From implementation to ongoing support, we’ve got you covered.

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Searching for information on the frontlines should be as easy as finding a recipe online. With Axonify it is. Keep critical resources and job aids at your employees’ fingertips, right in the flow of work, in a place they access every day.

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Finally know—in real-time and at scale—how and where training is impacting your business beyond completion rates and test scores. Set individual-, team- or company-level business targets, tag the training programs that correspond to them and Axonify will tell you what is and isn’t working.

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Want to take your learning strategy to the next level? Our strategic services team can help you find new, innovative ways to drive success across your organization.

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