The most personalized, engaging and collaborative way to communicate with your frontline

Your business flows through your frontline employees. They set the pace of productivity, follow safety protocols and send your customers off smiling. Enabling communication between your frontline and HQ equips you with insights to build a united workforce of highly engaged employees who work together to bring your brand promises to life in the most delightful ways.

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Connect the frontline and corporate worlds
together in the most seamless way possible

You’ll have the power to give your frontline team one hub through which they can access daily training, stay informed and connected. Leverage communication insights to make strategic decisions on what content to share and when.




Communicating across all teams doesn’t have to be complicated. You’ll keep everyone in the loop with targeted communications from HQ to the frontlines. Messages can also be sent at the team and individual level, ensuring that company communications happen in one place.

Screenshot of a message in the Axonify platform
Screenshot of a post with reactions in the Axonify platform Reaction icons that keep users engaged



You’ll provide users with the ability to post, share and collaborate within communities—a personalized timeline view to keep users engaged with relevant content and communications, helping them feel connected to the bigger picture.


You’ll be able to monitor frontline sentiment with comments and reactions with detailed engagement analytics down to the post-level. With these insights, you’ll soon be able to identify trends across the organization and understand what content is driving the most engagement—so you can take the guesswork out of what your people want to see.

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“We’ve actually been able to reduce a lot of cost in the organization while, at the same time, increasing productivity and engagement of associates because we’re able to get the message out faster.”

– Joel Kuplack, Senior Vice President, Festival Foods

Axonify Communicate will help you kick up employee engagement to the next level. Here’s what you can expect.

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Screenshot of administrative view of various communities based on business structure
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Screenshot of the timeline in Axonify Communicate showing a chronological list of articles and posts
Screenshot of reactions to posts in Axonify Communicate

We can’t wait to see what your organization can achieve.