The employee communication solution built for frontlines

Engage and inform at any scale with embedded two-way communication and employee feedback channels your frontline will want to use.

Internal communications that reach every worker, across every location, in 60+ languages

How? With employee communications software that’s purpose-built for the frontline. From social media-style timelines to pulse surveys, Axonify’s two-way communication hub is built to be fast, fun and in the flow of work. With the right collaboration tools in place, frontline organizations can maximize productivity and drive employee engagement by reaching every single employee, no matter the size of the workforce.

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Share the right information at the right time

Employees log into Axonify at the beginning of every shift, making it the perfect place to share relevant updates and information through our employee communication tools. Company-wide and targeted announcements share need-to-know intel, while knowledge testing and confidence assessments track for gaps and red flags.

Build community and fuel collaboration

Strong employee community is good for business: it means higher productivity, lower absenteeism and happier employees who are ready to deliver. Build that company culture with team-based communication channels and a social media-style timeline, complete with reactions and comments.

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Foster a culture of feedback

Your employees are the day-to day face of your brand and have valuable insight to offer about what shoppers in your stores are really looking for. Access to direct customer feedback, industry best practices and ideas to improve daily efficiency ensures no good suggestions go unacknowledged.

Smiling grocery associates at Southeastern Grocers stocking produce
“With an open channel for asking for and receiving feedback, we have been able to establish certain points and get information that is very valuable.”
– Claudia Laura, Sr. Manager of Content Design and Development at Southeastern Grocers

An employee communication solution you (and your frontline) will love

Not all employee communication apps are created equal. See how our internal communications tools are purpose-built to help frontline workers connect and learn in the flow of work.

Central Homepage Timeline
Central homepage timeline

The average time spent on our social media-style timeline is just 36 seconds. To avoid interrupting the flow of work, we surface only the most important and relevant information in bite-sized pieces.

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Company-wide and targeted announcements

Different roles, teams and locations have different needs. Communication in Axonify lets administrators filter messages directly to the groups that actually need to hear them.

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Assessments and testing

See what’s resonating and retained—and what was missed—to track campaign effectiveness and employee engagement.

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Screenshot of an employee survey
Outcome based campaigns
Outcome-based campaigns

Focus your efforts and avoid information overload, while also boosting retention, by fine-tuning your message and prioritizing crucial information to drive key behaviors.

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Two-way feedback

To be truly effective, feedback needs to flow in both directions. Connecting directly with the frontline about their feedback, experiences and contributions helps them feel heard and valued across the organization.

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