Everything you need to know about frontline enablement

What it is, why it’s powerful and how to get it working for your organization.

The frontline enablement imperative

Turnover. Health and safety. Burnout. Performance. Productivity. Enablement has a key role to play in addressing each of these factors impacting the frontline workforce. That’s why we’re diving deep with this guide to frontline enablement: what it is, why it matters and what’s at stake if you ignore it. After all, investing in your frontline is no longer a nice-to-have: it’s a business imperative. And by investing in frontline enablement, you can make the most impact.

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You’ve already pulled many impactful levers. What’s next?

Manager enabling frontline associates

Frontline-focused organizations have done an admirable job navigating the choppy waters of disruption in their workforces. Perhaps you’ve supported workers with increased compensation, more recognition and slicker benefits. Or you’ve put programs in place to help mitigate turnover. Maybe you’ve explored automation and technology options for bridging talent gaps. Now you’re contemplating which levers are available to pull next. The answer is simple: enablement.

Meaningful frontline enablement is more critical than ever to fuel the current and future success of your organization. Most people genuinely want to do a good job at work every day. Of course frontline workers are seeking fair compensation and flexibility, but those aren’t the only factors that matter. Not by a long shot.

The truth is, you simply can’t pay someone enough to stay in a job where they feel unsupported, uninformed and unappreciated. If you don’t address the day-to-day experience of the job—making sure people know what’s expected and how to execute, then giving them the tools and space to get it done—it’s like wrapping duct tape around a rapidly leaking pipe. Eventually it won’t be able to hold back the flow. That’s bad for engagement, productivity and your bottom line.

So what’s next?

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