Are associates ready for the difficult interactions that lie ahead?

The volatile financial market is causing a notable increase in difficult and violent interactions that retail and grocery workers have to navigate. Are they ready? We asked 1,000 associates to find out.

40% of grocery and retail associates feel scared to go to work

What’s this survey about?

Grocery and retail workers are experiencing an increase in hostile and violent situations with customers, but they’re not getting the right training and tools to handle these volatile interactions. As a result, 40% of associates feel scared to go to work.

Get the full survey findings here, but here’s a glimpse at the insights we uncovered.

The recession is taking a toll on customers

Associates are already seeing the recession impact consumers in a number of ways, from haggling and more disputes with staff or other customers to theft and violence.

Chart showing the increased customer behaviors noted by associates and by percent reported

Associates don’t have what they need to navigate the difficult interactions that lie ahead

While associates are seeing a notable increase in hostile and violent situations with customers, many don’t have the support, resources and tools they need to navigate these interactions and stay productive. As a result, vital protocols and operating procedures are at risk—and revenue, productivity and other business outcomes will be impacted.

21% of associates don't feel prepared to handle customer situations involving theft

What’s the solution?

What are associates looking for to help them navigate these challenging times? Download the full survey to get the full story.