Training that creates confident credit union advisors

When your advisors know their stuff, they can deliver outstanding customer service at every touchpoint—whether in branch, online or on the phone. Learn how leading credit unions use Axonify to deliver ongoing training that helps their frontline perform today and prepare for whatever comes next.

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Prepare your workforce for the future

In this rapidly evolving landscape, agility is everything. With Axonify, you can efficiently reskill and cross-train your frontline workforce to meet the changing needs of your business. Help every advisor sharpen their skills in their current role while preparing them for whatever comes next—whether that’s a new business challenge or the next step in their career. 

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Continually reinforce learning

With ever-evolving product offerings, policies and regulations, your advisors have a lot of complex information to remember—and not much time to train. Keep key information top of mind with ongoing training that doesn’t pull them away from the places they need to perform. Training sessions in Axonify are fast (just 3 – 5 minutes a day) and personalized to individual knowledge gaps—so every advisor gets what they need to perform confidently on the job.

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You’re in good hands

Some of the biggest brands in the world are relying on frontline learning that actually works.


Measure the impact of your training programs

Advisors have packed schedules, so it’s critical their training programs drive results. With Axonify, you can easily understand how training programs are influencing your KPIs and focus your fine-tuning where it’s needed most. Plus, use performance data to find meaningful coaching opportunities and serve up targeted refresher training—so no advisor is left behind. 

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Launch with confidence

We’ll partner closely with you to build an advisor training program that delivers the KPIs you care about most. No matter your size or stage, we’ll share what we’ve learned working with other credit unions and financial institutions, to help you get the most out of Axonify. From planning a successful launch to supporting your ongoing training efforts, you can count on us every step of the way.

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Let’s make your advisors your biggest competitive advantage.