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Frontline employees are essential. They make up 80 percent of the global workforce and they’re regularly cited as the main drivers behind customer decisions. But, as essential as they are to the success of many businesses, they’re often overlooked when it comes to the training and communications they need to do their best work every day. That’s because their realities are constantly changing. To keep up with the pace of business, their training needs to be agile, fast, personalized and delivered in the flow of work on the devices they use every day.

That’s where Axonify can help. Our modern training and communications solution has been built for the frontline from day one, and it actually
works the way they work. Here’s an up close look at the training experience driving better performance for millions of frontline employees across the globe.

Every new hire gets off to a strong start in Axonify. Structured learning paths allow you to blend the mix of training content, on-the-job practice and compliance certifications they need to get up to speed, contributing to their new roles quickly. Once employees have mastered the basics during onboarding, we’ll continue to build their knowledge for a few minutes every shift, right in the flow of work. In just 3 to 5 minutes, Axonify will continually reinforce the most important things you need them to know with a fun, fast, personalized experience built just for them. The platform will measure what each employee knows and doesn’t know, so their session is focused on building the skills they need to work on most.

Compliance training is built right into each employee’s daily training sessions, serving up relevant certifications before they’re due. So you’ll never have to worry about chasing down employees to renew their certifications. And, since employees log into Axonify every shift, it’s the perfect place to reach them with important updates. You can easily push out consistent, timely messages like quarterly results, new procedures or promotions directly to frontline employees, regardless of where they are. You could include links to critical job aids and resources so they can easily look up the information they need really fast.

Frontline managers can benefit from Axonify, too. Robust reporting makes it easy for them to see how their teams are performing. Dashboards show which areas employees are experts in and where they may need some coaching to help develop their skills. Managers can also see how each employee’s knowledge grows over time, how new employees are moving through onboarding milestones and who has completed compliance training, all from their dashboard view.

Some of the world’s largest brands trust Axonify to keep their frontline safe, productive and ready for anything with tools that allow them to do their best work right in the flow of work on the devices they use every day, because they know when you give your frontline the tools to succeed, your business will, too.