What is microlearning?

Microlearning is little nuggets of salient information distributed often and customized to the learner. It’s NOT one-minute training videos, or short pieces of content in an LMS. It’s digestible chunks of everything your employees need to know, delivered based on what your employees current knowledge levels are, to build long-term knowledge retention.

Simply put, microlearning is a technique for delivering content in small, focused, bite-sized chunks (from three to five minutes) several times per week, or even daily.

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Why it works

Brain science tells us we can only absorb four to five pieces of information into short-term memory at any given time. So, by breaking it into short chunks and delivering it continuously over time, learnings are easier to digest, understand, and apply. It’s that simple!

Axonify is a leader in microlearning

Axonify was the first to introduce microlearning to the corporate world in 2009 with our earliest customer, Pep Boys. Since then, we’ve remained at the forefront of microlearning and knowledge-building innovation. Our Employee Knowledge Platform uses microlearning (along with brain science, gamification, adaptive learning and knowledge-on-demand performance support) to build employee knowledge that impacts behavior and drives business performance.

Our Platform

It's proven! Axonify's approach to microlearning delivers results

Axonify believes in a 'business-first approach.' We work with your organization to:

Define business objectives
and behavior goals.

Identify the knowledge needed
to reach your goals.

Break learning down into
micro chunks for easy retention.

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