4 ways Axonify can take your LMS to the next level

Make learning agile

Scale your learning at the pace of business

Increase engagement

Make it fun, and get voluntary participation

Drive performance

Deliver learning that’s proven to change behavior

Measure results

Understand the impact of learning on your business

Axonify supports growth over time

Make learning agile, so it can keep pace with your business

The LMS is known for pushing out lengthy, one-size-fits-all training. While this type of learning might be needed in certain situations, it can’t be scaled at the pace of business.

With Axonify, you can engage your employees in real-time, personalized learning that fills in individual gaps, so your people can change with your business.

Make learning irresistible, and your people will participate

With an LMS, you send out notifications about required training and hear a universal groan. Why make learning long and boring when you can add a little fun factor?

Axonify’s approach to microlearning fits a quick experience into the daily workflow, and wraps it in a winning combo of game mechanics that get employees excited to participate, voluntarily!

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Drive behaviors that impact business performance

Take a course on an LMS, complete it, and get a passing grade. We all know this kind of learning doesn’t lead to long-term memory retention or lasting behavior change.

With Axonify, you’ll deliver a personalized learning experience that’s based in brain science—and that’s what makes learning stick, so it translates into performance.

Measure results to understand the impact of learning on your business

Top execs want more from training than test scores and completion metrics—you have to impact the numbers that matter to the business!

With Axonify’s powerful analytics, you can prove how learning impacts behaviors that drive specific results, like increased profits or decreased expenses.

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