6 things to look for in a mobile learning solution

Posted on: August 11, 2017Updated on: June 15, 2023By: Axonify Team

Workers want to learn, want to do their jobs better. But we’ve often failed to deliver the kind of mobile learning experiences that can truly help them do that. Effective mobile learning does not mean offering up the usual learning miniaturized to fit onto a mobile screen. Doing it right means keeping both the learning and the mobile experience in mind.

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How do you find a solution that does this? Well, here are 6 things that you should be looking for in a mobile solution that will boost your success.

1. Less is more

Simple is better. You get the idea. You don’t want to spend the little time you have scrolling and clicking through a list of learning topics and then trying to watch a lengthy video on your tiny screen. Or worse, scrolling through endless amounts of written content only to realize that much of it doesn’t apply to you. What if, instead, you could click on a single button and get the exact information you need, right when you need it through a brief video or a few short questions? That’s the kind of mobile learning solution you need. Keep it simple and your employees will come back again and again.

2. Make it interesting

Our mobile devices are a “go-to” when we’re bored at home—and even at work. So why not take advantage of their draw and transform a needed break from the day-to-day into a fun and productive learning opportunity. Gamification packs a lot of value into mobile learning because it engages learners while it enhances knowledge. Gamification can include everything from gameplay to friendly competition between individuals or departments with rewards or recognition. Finding a solution that uses a combination of these mechanisms will ensure it engages and motivates all of your workers.

3. Make it quick

What we really want at work is access to the information we need, when we need it. Oh, and it would help if we could get it with the touch of a single button.

The modern workforce is busy. Many of us are literally attached to our devices and, while this can be both boon and bane at work, it also means opportunities for learning are always available. No need to wait for scheduled offsite workshops. Your mobile learning solution should encourage continual, anytime learning that can be applied directly on the job. Finally, leverage your mobile learning to provide a rapid access database of information and answers for your people, so they can accelerate everything from customer service to daily tasks.

4. Keep your audience in mind

Think mobile is just for millennials? This perception is false. Employees of all ages have embraced mobile in their personal lives and expect the same easy-to-use apps at work. Take your cues from popular applications, such as Google, YouTube, and Twitter. Most are simple and intuitive so users can easily figure them out. Choosing a solution for the non-expert means they won’t waste their time figuring out how your learning program works.

5. Don’t exceed your bandwidth

There is nothing more infuriating than a video that won’t play or a game that won’t load. If bandwidth is an issue at your workplace, make sure to find a solution that optimizes for this situation. Otherwise, employee engagement will fade as wait times grow.

6. Look for feedback

Forget the oft-ignored exit surveys that follow learning events. Instead, take advantage of the “always on” nature of mobile devices. Send out a quick survey or include a feedback question or two. Combine these with informal discussion and captured behavioral observations.

You can use the same tools used for feedback—cameras, video capture, audio capture—to encourage your employees to learn from one another. Have them use their mobile devices to share their thoughts, ideas, practice a sales pitch or warn about a safety issue.

Mobile learning has the potential to transform the way we deliver learning and the power to provide our people with the knowledge and learning they’ve been looking for. Look for a solution that can take advantage of any available data.

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