AxoniCom 2023 preview: 3 things to get excited about

Posted on: October 20, 2023Updated on: October 30, 2023By: Maliyah Bernard

Are you ready for AxoniCom 2023? The countdown is almost over!

In a few short days, we’ll be bringing together a diverse community of customers, executives, partners and creators for an event dedicated to community-building and hands-on learning. Frontline-forward global leaders in retail, manufacturing, logistics, finance and insurance, hospitality, grocery and plenty more will be touching down in Nashville, Tennessee, to learn how to help improve their teams’ employee experiences and get the most out of the Axonify solution. 

As a special sneak peek of what’s to come, some of the conference’s speakers, Foot Locker’s former CEO Dick Johnson, Axonify’s SVP of Development Dessy Daskalov and Axonify’s Principal Solutions Consultant Vijitharan Nageswaran, joined host JD Dillon on ITK to share what to expect from our biggest customer conference ever.

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Whether you’re a first-time attendee, haven’t connected with us in person since 2019 or have been to every event since 2015, here are 3 reasons to get excited about AxoniCom 2023.

1. Networking and collaboration with peers and industry experts

At the heart of AxoniCom is a focus on taking the time to bring people together to share creative and innovative approaches to enabling frontline teams. 

At this year’s conference, inspiring speakers from Marriott, Red Thread Research, Giant Eagle, American Tire Distributors, Zebra Technologies, Dollar General, Harbor Freight Tools, Lowe’s, our very own Axonify team and more will be there to connect with attendees and share what they’re seeing on the frontline—and what’s next for employee enablement.

Session to attend to hear proven learning strategies from bold-name leaders: Dick Johnson, the former CEO of Foot Locker, will be sitting down with Axonify CRO Christine Tutssel to discuss how he championed the transformation of the global footwear and apparel company from a traditional brick-and-mortar experience to an interactive retail community poised for long-term growth in the digital era—and why it all started with frontline enablement.

2. Hot topics and trends that go beyond hype

What do your employees want (and need!) to thrive at work? Tapping into this essential conversation requires being in the loop about the latest and most significant trends impacting their everyday work. But how can you decipher which trends are red-hot and which are just hot air?

Attendees will get helpful insights about how to take an empathetic and authentic look at their frontline—the pivotal first step in building the psychological safety and sense of belonging that employees need. Get inspired to think differently and take trends beyond the hype to drive meaningful impact.

Session to attend if you love staying ahead of the curve: The big show’s mainstage MC Vijitharan Nageswaran’s session will provide insight into the building blocks of DEIB and highlight how Axonify can help drive tangible change throughout that integral journey. Learn why DEIB isn’t just a conversation but a cornerstone to enriching the customer and employee experience.

3. Tips and tricks for unlocking the platform’s full potential

You’ve heard the success stories—now get tips and tricks to make your own programs shine!

We’ll be sharing the best-kept secrets of Axonify superuser admins and how you can get creative to produce results. You’ll get first-hand insights into how others are leveraging the platform to reach its full potential and see how our product is evolving for success in 2024 and beyond.

Session to attend if you want to squeeze the most value out of your Axonify experience: Senior Vice President of Software Development at Axonify, Dessy Daskalov, is running a highly-anticipated AI at Axonify session to showcase Max, our new generative AI assistant, and share how our approach to leveraging the red-hot tech will give customers the efficiencies they need to reach their goals much faster.  

Rewatch the full ITK episode on-demand to find out what else to expect at an event like no other and download the official AxoniCom 2023 app (available on AppStore and Google Play) to plan your agenda so you don’t miss a minute.

Maliyah Bernard

Maliyah Bernard is an academic writer turned content writer. As a former frontline worker, she loves writing about all the ways organizations can support these essential workers smarter.