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The top 3 benefits of a learning management system built for the frontline

Posted on: September 23, 2020Updated on: November 24, 2023By: Axonify Team
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It’s got to be frustrating trying to find the right learning management system for your people when the market looks like this. There are literally hundreds of options on the market. And vendors—including us—don’t always make it easier to navigate the space. The differences between solutions are usually subtle and feature-based. 

So, how do you figure out which one of these logos is the right solution for you? Our advice: forget features. Instead, focus on the people you need to train. Because you’ll only fully realize the benefits of an LMS if your employees actually use it. Selecting a solution that fits into the realities of their workday sets you both up for success—you’ll see a return on the technology you’ve invested in, and your people will feel supported with the tools they need to perform.

Why a traditional LMS falls short on the frontline 

If you’re targeting frontline employees, a traditional LMS often misses the mark. That’s because it isn’t built to meet the realities of their workday. Your frontline workforce:

  • Doesn’t have a lot of time to complete training—72% of frontline employees want to be able to complete their training in a few minutes each day.
  • Are often overlooked when it comes to training opportunities, which leaves them disengaged—79% of frontline employees say more frequent learning and support would improve their feeling of engagement. 
  • Needs easy access to training—90% believe being able to connect with training and information at any time is critical to on-the-job success.

All of this makes them considerably more difficult to engage with training. Any LMS you evaluate should help you overcome these barriers to make sure your frontline is supported.

How you’ll know if an LMS if frontline-friendly 

An LMS designed for frontline employees fits training seamlessly into the workday and, as a result, drives higher engagement rates. At the highest level, it should be able to: 

  • Deliver training on the devices that your people already use—like a POS, smartphone or breakroom tablet
  • Personalize each employee’s training based on their individual knowledge and skill levels 
  • Offer motivational tools that make learning fun and engaging 
  • Serve up quick, targeted content that fits directly into their workflow 

Benefits of frontline-focused learning

When your learning solution matches up with the needs of your frontline workforce, they’ll have every reason to log in and take full advantage of the tech you’ve invested in. Here are the top three benefits of a learning management system focused on the frontline: 

1. Your frontline will actually use it 

Training budgets are under more scrutiny than ever. So you need to make sure that any new training tools you invest in will make a meaningful difference for your frontline—and your bottom line. The first step to seeing value is a simple one: Make sure your employees actually use the tech you’ve invested in. 

Most LMSs only see engagement rates around 10-15%. You can dramatically increase the chances they’ll actually log in to complete their training by simply making training available on the devices your frontline uses everyday. Combine that with motivational tools like leaderboards and rewards, and your frontline has a compelling reason to make training a part of their shift.

2. More training can be done in less time 

Traditional learning management systems rely on your employees to browse, search and consume content relevant to their roles. That takes time that your frontline employees can’t always spare. An LMS for the frontline delivers targeted, personalized training sessions that can be completed in a few minutes each shift. The user experience makes it easy for each employee to see exactly where to start and what to do when they log in. And to make the most of their training session, the content they’re served is completely tailored to their individual needs and knowledge gaps. 

Your frontline will get training on the areas they need it the most. And your frontline managers will gain insights into each employee’s strengths and weaknesses, helping them identify meaningful coaching opportunities. 

3. Every employee stays connected to the resources they need in real time 

Your frontline employees encounter new challenges every shift. And they have a lot to remember. It’s hard for them to find the knowledge they need on the fly if it’s stored in a binder or in an LMS that they can’t access without leaving the floor. A frontline LMS keeps job aids, FAQs, procedures, articles and other resources at their fingertips, so they can access them when they need to. When the tools they need to do their jobs well are in one easy-to-find location, they’ll be more likely to actually use them—so they’re more likely to do the right things in the moments that matter most on the job. 

Pulling it all together 

Any new technology you invest in for your frontline needs to work the way they work, so they’ll actually use it. And that matters for your business. Because when your frontline feels supported with access to the training and resources they need to deal with new challenges they face each day, they’ll be more likely to do the right thing in the moments that matter. 

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