Content is critical. But it's not working.

Organizations are spending big bucks on corporate learning content,
but they aren't getting a return.

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A fifth of organizations spend more than 50% of their training budgets on content.

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92% of CEO’s can’t see the business impact of learning.

Traditional thinking that more content is better just doesn’t fit the brain or the workflow, isn’t formatted to keep employees engaged, and doesn’t focus on a clear business result.

We've reimagined content to drive results

The Axonify Content Exchange offers thousands of on-demand videos and question-based micro-topics, purpose-built for business and proven to drive results.

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7,000+ Micro-topics & Growing

We’ve partnered with the top content providers to offer an expansive library, where any business of any size can find the content they need to drive results.

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Built for Business Impact

Every micro-topic has been architected using the Axonify Instructional Design Methodology™ (IDM), starting with a clearly defined business outcome and working its way backward to deliver critical knowledge in the right format.

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Always Fresh

Every topic from compliance to leadership reflects the most-up-to-date subject matter from global industry experts.

A content design approach that gets business results

The Axonify Instructional Design Methodology (IDM) flips traditional content development on its nose. We start with the business result you’re looking to achieve and work backwards to design the right ecosystem of content needed to generate the desired outcome.

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01Identify Business Goals

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02Define Performance

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03Identify Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSBs)


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04Integrate Key Learning Points

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05Create Focused Micro-topics

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06Build Content

Outcomes-first approach

By starting with the end result, all our content focuses on the need-to-know information that strategically generates your desired results.

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Visible strategy

Every topic comes with a strategic training plan, so you get full visibility into how content connects all the way back to the business results you are trying to achieve.

Fits into the workflow and the brain


We’ve built every topic from the ground up in micro-chunks that easily fit into your employees’ workflow and help the brain better process and remember all the info.

Video first

50% of our brain is used for visual processing.
70% of our sensory receptors are in our eyes.
Our micro-topics take a video-first approach that makes the most out of our primal senses and gives learners what they’re craving, all while driving knowledge retention.


Learning is more effective when the brain is challenged to actively retrieve information.
Axonify content uses Retrieval Practice to drive long-term retention.


Powered by the only platform proven to drive results

Topics are brought to life with the Axonify Microlearning Platform. Powered by brain science and enriched with gamification, employees continuously receive the most critical and relevant knowledge they need to get the business results you want.

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Overcome the Forgetting Curve

As the brain naturally starts to forget critical pieces of information, Axonify uses spaced repetition to make sure it sticks — long-term.

Leverage Confidence-Based Assessment

The Axonify algorithm adapts learning according to an employee's level of confidence, instilling the knowledge needed to make the right decisions on the job.

Engage with Gamification

We use short, fun, app-like games fused into the learning experience to create a state of flow, stimulate memory paths and optimize knowledge acquisition and transfer.

Measure Knowledge Instead of Test Scores

Axonify continuously measures what employees know and don't know, and adapts the learning they receive accordingly — giving you a unique profile of their knowledge gaps and growth.

Tie Behaviors to Results

Axonify helps ensure employees apply learning to the job, capturing behavior observations, flagging knowledge gaps, and triggering reinforcement learning automatically to help managers get the results they need.

7000+ topics that address today’s
top business challenges

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HR Compliance

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Leadership and Management

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Sales and

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Ready to change your content approach?