How Rogers for Business boosted their CSAT score by 9 points

In the competitive and fast-changing world of telecommunications, customer experience can make or break the business. And it’s only getting more difficult.

“We’re no longer just in competition with each other, we’re competing with the likes of Google, Amazon and Apple,” says Michel Rondeau, Sr. Manager of Performance Enablement at Rogers Communications, one of Canada’s largest telcos. “Customers are experiencing these easy ways of doing business with other organizations. Telcos need to make sure they’re delivering an experience that meets the escalated demands of our customers.”

Rondeau is tasked with building and reinforcing customer-centric culture in the 1,100-person Customer Service Operations (CSO) team of Rogers for Business. They provide implementation, service and ongoing support to Rogers business customers.

"I really appreciate the customer-centric approach that Axonify takes in adding value for their customers, based on feedback and data, to make the platform the best it can be" Michel Rondeau, Sr. Manager, Performance Enablement, Rogers Communications

It’s the same situation many large organizations find themselves in today — with multiple sites and divisions spread out across the globe, all different in character. Some are small, some are large, some are unionized, and some have a great safety record, while others could use improvement. Across such large organizations, it makes sense for different sites to have different challenges around safety.

It’s not without its challenges. In the B2B environment, customer use cases are highly complex and customized, requiring very specialized roles—which makes it hard to generalize training. And frontline employees simply don’t have a lot of time.“

The core function of the job is to be there for our customers, so we can’t be taking people off the phones or away from serving our customers for lengthy periods of time,” says Rondeau. “Axonify was a key part of solving this issue. It put the foundation in place to build out role-specific learning journeys to close the gaps on our priority areas.”

Rogers Employee on call with Customer

High adoption leads to expanded use

After a successful pilot, Rogers for Business rolled out Axonify with a specific focus on their customer service framework. The goal was to help their frontline workforce understand and apply the values and behaviors of excellent customer service, through bite-sized daily training sessions on Axonify.

“People loved it. We set the expectation that folks should log in three times a week,” says Rondeau. “We have folks logging in five days, even seven days a week and really enjoying the gamification aspects.”

Participation on the platform is sky high at 95%. This high adoption set the stage for their expanded use of Axonify.

“When you have a high level of engagement with the platform, it unlocks opportunities. We’ve been able to make Axonify a key part of our comms strategy, not just for leaders to send messages to team members, but also for broader program launches and team-building activities,” says Rondeau. “We knew that we would get participation because we know that everyone’s in Axonify.”

They’ve also been able to address another key training challenge: moving beyond ‘one-size-fits-all’ to provide tailored and relevant guided learning paths for specific roles.“

As content is developed, we’re able to facilitate it through Axonify. I use the term ‘facilitate’ very deliberately, because not all content can or should be microlearning. But Axonify has the ability to connect to other platforms.” “If they have to go take a course in our LMS, or attend an instructor-led training session, you can manage that in Axonify,” says Rondeau. “Knowing that this is the platform everyone is in every day makes it the right choice as a foundational learning tool that will facilitate learning for our team members.”

They’ve also been able to leverage pre-built content to help their team adapt to changes brought about by the pandemic.

“We’ve been using Content Marketplace way more this year, thanks to the excellent content the Axonify team has been putting out,” says Rondeau.

“In particular, Axonify put out some timely and relevant content related to COVID-19, which we used to support our team members to adjust to the their new reality of working from home.”

Training that gets results

The rollout of the customer experience framework through Axonify contributed to an impressive 9 point increase in their CSAT score and a 5.5 increase in their post-transaction customer survey score.

Meanwhile, other areas of the business have taken note. “The use of the tool has expanded so much further than just the CSO, which speaks to the faith and the credibility that the tool has within Rogers.”

In addition to the CSO team and the small office/home office team, Rogers has expanded Axonify to an additional 7,500 team members in Rogers Care, Fido Care, Inbound Tech Support and Credit Ops. Rondeau sees more opportunities ahead as they continue their partnership.

“I’m always really excited to see the product roadmap Axonify comes out with. That’s the beauty of this platform—the Axonify team is always innovating to elevate the customer experience and makes life easier for our team members and administrators of the platform,” he says. “I really appreciate the customer-centric approach that Axonify takes in adding value for their customers, based on feedback and data, to make the platform the best it can be.

"We were able to advocate for the value of this tool as a way for us to solve business problems." Michel Rondeau, Sr. Manager, Performance Enablement, Rogers Communications

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