The Axonify Learner Tile

Your employees can now access their training anytime during their shift by just clicking on the Axonify Learner tile within Kronos Workforce Dimensions. At-a-glance, they can see their learning progress, as well as what’s scheduled for their daily training.

The Axonify Manager Tile

The Manager tile unlocks an abundance of knowledge and performance metrics to support your leaders. They can easily see who’s participating and who isn’t, where knowledge gaps exist, who needs coaching and more.


Screenshot of Axonify + Kronos on multiple devices

Axonify Product Tour

Take an in-depth look at Axonify via this hand-on product tour.

Together, Axonify and Kronos help you

Meet the needs of the frontline employee

in a way that is mobile, fun, fast, and woven into the workday.

Dramatically improve engagement

through game mechanics and built-in motivators.

Get performance-impacting employee behaviors to stick

with powerful AI (artificial intelligence) that adapts to the individual.

Tie business results to learning

with the power for Axonify's powerful microlearning data and machine learning capabilities.


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