Make learning stick with daily reinforcement

Our brains just aren’t built to remember a firehose of information. The Axonify platform continually reminds your people of the top things you need them to know, using focused, bite-sized bursts of information and other techniques proven by science to make learning memorable.

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Beat the forgetting curve

Help employees remember more with 3-5 minutes of daily training that’s spaced out over time and actually works to make people remember what they’ve learned.


Consistently build and measure confidence

Actively test what your employees think they know and what they actually know, then fill in gaps so they’re ready to act quickly and reliably on the job.


Personalize training to build performance

Use the power of AI to customize training to each employee, so your entire frontline remembers what to do in the moments that matter most to your business.

The science behind Axonify that helps your people remember

Spacing effect

You invest a lot in training, but research shows employees are more likely to forget what they’ve learned unless it’s reinforced. Axonify automatically reintroduces important information over time to lessen the chance they’ll forget the things they need to do their jobs well.

Improve on-the-job performance

“Axonify provides training in easy-to-digest daily bites. You can engage a large audience with its simple-to-use platform.”

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Retrieval practice

Questions are most impactful when they teach, not test. Axonify uses question-based learning to let employees actively apply their knowledge to scenarios they’re likely to encounter on the job, making it easier for them to recall what to do when they need to.

Confidence-based assessment

Knowing what to do isn’t enough to ensure employees will act quickly and reliably on the job. They need to be confident too. Axonify actively reinforces knowledge and gauges confidence to keep them moving towards doing the right thing when it counts.

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Let’s turn off the firehose and give frontline employees training they’ll actually remember.