Use Microlearning to its Fullest Potential

Chunking training content into smaller, focused moments is only one piece of the microlearning puzzle. To be successful with microlearning, you must consider:

1 – Making it accessible anytime, on any device

2 – Making it irresistible, so people want to do it (voluntarily!)

3 – Making it continuous, so that learning and behaviors actually stick

4 – Making it personal, so individual knowledge gaps can be filled in

Sound a little intimidating? Trust us, with the right partner and platform – it’s easy!

Curious about how to apply microlearning?


Why it works

Brain science tells us we can only absorb four to five pieces of information into short-term memory at any given time. So, by breaking it into short chunks and delivering it continuously over time, learnings are easier to digest, understand, and apply. It’s that simple!

Axonify - the World's Smartest Adaptive Microlearning Platform

With Axonify, you do more than train people. You drive performance by ingraining knowledge deep enough to change behavior. In only minutes a day, your employees log-in for a quick, personal training session that teaches them the things they need to know to do a great job at work.

Our Platform

It's proven! Axonify's approach to microlearning delivers results

Axonify believes in a 'business-first approach.' We work with your organization to:

Define business objectives
and behavior goals.

Identify the knowledge needed
to reach your goals.

Break learning down into
micro chunks for easy retention.


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