Axonify Guided Learning

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How did someone become a world class athlete? First, they need to put in the time studying the X’s and O’s of how they need to perform. But learning the playbook isn’t enough, to truly become lead performers, athletes need to practice what they’ve learned over and over again, and high performing teams have a great coach on their sidelines every step of the way to teach them the playbook and run every practice.

Your organization is no different. You want an all-star team that’s primed for top performance to keep your winning, but you don’t have a single coach for onboarding your entire team, once formal training is complete, front line managers take employees through on the job training, but every manager in the organization is different, which can lead to inconsistency and how much practice employees get and how relevant that practices is to what they’ve learned in their classroom or online training. This can leave employees struggling to understand how the X’s and O’s of their onboarding connects to the day to day responsibilities of their job and that’s a big problem, especially for new hires.

Here’s what ends up happening, during onboarding new hires do their best to make sense of what they’ve learned and how it applies on the job. Many get frustrated, some end up leaving, and those who do stick around often develop wrong habits, costing your organization big bucks. It’s time for a new playbook, Axonify guided learning is a tailor learning path that fuses hands-on practice together with online and classroom training, into a single onboarding experience that gets every employee in your organization trained faster and performing better on the job. Fusing practice in the training helps your front line apply their learning while it’s fresh and makes it relevant to what they’ll see in their daily workflow.

Seeing the big onboarding picture tells new hires exactly where to start, where to go next and how they’re progressing towards milestones. As they master concepts, streams air unlocked to keep everyone on the right track. Plus, they can choose to work on multiple streams at the same time, and even go back to improve their performance on topics to graduate faster, because guided learning is part of Axonify microlearning platform employees are seamlessly transitioned from onboarding to ongoing reinforcement. To automatically fill knowledge gaps and make sure your workforce knows what they need to succeed in the job, always.

Axonify see powerful game mechanics, drive up the fun factor too, to keep employees coming back and gets them ready to absorb information so their knowledge grows for the long term, and with administrative flexibility and incites, your teams will get new hires up to speed faster and know exactly when they’re ready to perform. It’s time for the business world to borrow a page from the playbook of winning teams everywhere, understanding is important, but practice makes perfect and aligning the two across your organization makes your entire team ready for the big game. With Axonify guided learning, everybody wins.