Zebra + Axonify Introductory Video

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The things your frontline employees do every day really matter. But they have a lot of important stuff to remember every shift in order to help your organizations exceed, like staying compliant and accident free, supporting operational excellence and delivering the standout experiences that keep customers happy and coming back again and again. To perform their best every day, they need training and communications built specifically
for the needs of frontline employees. It’s so easy now that they can access Axonify’s 3 to 5 minute daily training experience right on Zebra devices, no matter where they are. Let’s dig into what that looks like.

Meet Pascal, Katie and Farrah. Pascal works full time as a retail associate, Katie works in distribution at a warehouse and Farrah is a nurse at a large hospital. All three of them use Zebra devices for different reasons, from inventory management to customer fulfillment to patient identification. With Axonify, they also get quick bursts of personalized training and communications right on the devices they use every shift.

Here’s how it works. When Farrah logs on, the first thing she sees is a 60 second training video on her hospital’s new disinfectant protocols. Next, she can choose to play a game that will serve up her training questions for the day. But if she’s ever short on time, she can opt out of game play and just answer the questions.

Axonify uses AI to intelligently generate and totally personalize training questions to each employee. This helps them by reinforcing the things they’re most likely to forget. For Farrah, that means she receives a question to reinforce her knowledge on her hospital’s medical waste procedures. Then she gets some questions on the topic she struggles with, Patient Data Documentation.

Users can also earn while they learn. Pascal’s bite sized daily training sessions have racked up a lot of points that he can cash in for perks or rewards. All of this happens really fast. In fewer than five minutes Pascal, Katie and Farrah are each done their training, feeling confident and ready to get on with their shifts, and their organizations can feel confident too because the training they’re delivering actually works.

Why does it work so well for frontline workers? Well, for starters, the Axonify experience is super engaging, so it keeps people coming back to learn again and again. In fact, it gets an unprecedented average participation rate of 83 percent. Axonify is also focused on building the skills that matter most. And, since Axonify continuously serves up personalized bursts of information targeted to fill each employee’s knowledge gaps, the learning really sticks. In the moment performance support also makes it easy for employees to quickly find the resources they need right in the flow of work.

Axonify also makes it super easy for managers to see the results of their learning programs right from their dashboard. With direct insight into every employee’s performance, they can easily identify gaps and growth opportunities. And when Katie’s boss needs to get an important message out to his entire frontline, he can instantly push it out to every Zebra device and then easily see who has and hasn’t viewed it.

At the end of the day, organizations don’t perform unless their Pascal’s, Katie’s and Farrah’s do, too. So give them an easy way to do their best
work right in the flow of work with one-click training on the Zebra devices they use every shift.