The Impact of Bite-Sized Learning

If you’ve been following our blog, or are otherwise immersed in the learning and development field, then you’ve no doubt heard us tout the immense benefits of gamified, personalized and bite-sized learning.

We’ve talked about combining game mechanics and brain science to truly increase employee knowledge retention. Actively engaging employees in the learning process through interval reinforcement design, identifying knowledge gaps and dynamically working to eliminate them. We’ve talked about how to quickly build long-lasting awareness in areas that align with your business goals and how to drive significant and measurable financial outcomes.

Well, the results are in, and the proof…(how do you say it?)…is in the pudding:


Here are three key takeaways from this infographic:

1. When combined with the right elements – such as gamification – a bite-sized learning strategy can increase voluntary participation in learning. The results show that users also prefer this approach to learning.

2. Due to its nature of being able to be delivered in short bursts, bite-sized learning lends itself naturally to a spaced approach to learning. This approach (also known as interval reinforcement) has been scientifically proven to increase knowledge retention and can incite true behavioural change in your organization.

3. Technology has allowed bite-sized learning to become a lot more personalized; thus, far more relevant to the learner. This level of relevance not only makes the content inherently more engaging but also far more likely to be retained.

What are your thoughts on a bite-sized learning strategy? How can you see bite-sized learning being leveraged in your organization? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and feel free to share this infographic with your audience via Twitter.


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