It’s here: the first-ever benchmark report from the frontlines of microlearning

The famous American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” I couldn’t agree more, particularly as it applies to the corporate learning space.

It’s no secret that organizations have long-struggled to prove the efficacy of old-school training methods, like one-and-done classroom sessions. With the only success metrics being things like completion rates and test scores, it’s impossible to tell whether traditional training equips employees with the knowledge they need to perform on the job today. It’s a learning history steeped in far too much theory, and not nearly enough action.  And, frankly, this approach just doesn’t cut it in today’s world of extreme business agility, where providing your frontline employees with the knowledge they need to keep pace with near-constant change isn’t simply recommended, it’s critical to your success.

Enter microlearning. With its foundation in brain science and bite-sized chunks of continuous training that fit naturally into each employee’s daily workflow, it generates a vast amount of rich data on each individual employee’s unique learning journey. And that means that business stakeholders—from learning and business leaders to frontline managers and administrators—get a real-time view into each individual employee’s knowledge, level of confidence in that knowledge and improvement over time. Not only does this shine light on specific gaps in learning that expose the business, it allows you to trace the line of data directly from learning to business results.

It’s time to break through the microlearning buzz

The revelation that microlearning actually fuels behaviors that impact specific business results has been a really big deal. And with this insight, learning professionals and business leaders must navigate a conversation that’s cluttered with theoretical results and unsubstantiated claims to find the truth about what really works.

The 2018 Microlearning Global Benchmark Report. is the first-and-only report of its kind to provide a comprehensive analysis around the true impact of microlearning. The insights presented in the report were generated by anonymously analyzing a sample of 78 organizations—across a variety of industries and ranging from mid-sized to large Fortune 100 companies—that are capturing millions of learning data points as employees engage in their daily training using the Axonify Microlearning Platform. Here are some highlights of what’s waiting for you inside the pages of the report:

  • Get evidence you can rely on to thoughtfully apply microlearning principles in a way that will positively affect business results and cut through the noise with actual substance.
  • Decode the anatomy of a typical microlearning session, with direct insights into the specific activities involved and how long they last.
  • Get the first and only comprehensive analysis of what microlearning looks like in terms of general trends, adoption, demographics and industry applicationsusing real-world usage data.
  • Understand learning measurement key performance indicators (KPIs) and common applications by industry, as well as get best practice benchmarksthat organizations can trust to guide their own microlearning implementations.
  • See the impact casual gameplay and game mechanics have on employee engagement and knowledge acquisition.

Don’t settle for theory. Choose action.

You know what else Ralph Waldo Emerson said? “Knowledge is the only elegance.” That’s why I’m so excited to share this trailblazing report with the world. It lets us finally move away from clunky theoretical discussions around the efficacy of microlearning and answer key questions using real data from actual applications. And that’s great news for organizations everywhere.

Whether you’re an experienced learning practitioner looking to up your game or a business professional trying to solve an operational problem, this guide brings the data directly from the frontlines of microlearning to help you move forward with this revolutionary approach to training in the most purposeful way. Your insights are waiting. Go and get your copy of the 2018 Microlearning Global Benchmark Report now.


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