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5 powerful examples of companies that are revolutionizing corporate learning

Posted on: November 10, 2017Updated on: November 29, 2022By: Axonify Team

Learn how a retailer, grocer, distribution center, contact center, pharmaceutical firm, and financial institution are modernizing learning at their organizations and driving real business results.

We’ve spent a few weeks now talking about the concept of modernizing corporate learning through our webinar and blogs series. For instance, earlier this month you learned that in order to remain relevant and competitive, organizations must begin to modernize learning.

Then, you learned three practical strategies for how to make that happen within your own company.

Now, we thought we would share some powerful examples of forward-thinking companies that are not only revolutionizing the way they do corporate learning, but are securing huge returns as a result.


In our latest and final installment of the series, our CEO, Carol Leaman, started off by describing how important it is to start with the end in mind. Whether its increasing revenue, improving customer service levels, or driving down safety incidents, think about what key behaviors you need your employees to execute in order to meet those outcomes. Then, figure out what they need to know to perform those behaviors. Finally, identify the content required so they have the knowledge they need to take the right actions.

This is exactly the type of thought process the Axonify solution is built on, bolstered by a unique combination of tools:

  • Brain science that uses retrieval practice, the spacing effect and confidence-based learning.
  • Adaptive technology that continuously personalizes daily training to each employee, while building and sustaining knowledge and behavior over time through microlearning.
  • Gamification elements of casual gameplay along with dozens of game mechanics, such as leaderboards, news feeds, and prizes/rewards.

These are some main reasons why Axonify works so well, and why our clients experience such a high participation rate from their employees (average of 83%, 2-3 times a week!), as well as great retention of knowledge among their frontline employees. It’s an ecosystem that’s producing impressive results for a growing number of companies.

While these companies are from a wide variety of industries with diverse workforces, they share one common goal: building a high-performing frontline workforce that helps them achieve amazing business outcomes.

But, don’t take our word for it. Here are 5 powerful examples of companies that are leading the crusade towards modernizing their learning environments:

At Home: Transformation

Home décor retailer, At Home, had more than 3,000 associates and 100 stores. And it was expanding by 20 stores per year. The company needed a lightweight-but-effective solution that could scale to fit its rapid growth, while significantly boosting employee knowledge around safety practices. Through Axonify, At Home offered daily training on critical safety topics, customer service, leadership, company mission, and more.

The results:

  • 94% voluntary participation rate
  • 90% reduction in onboarding time
  • Increase in sales among stores with the highest knowledge levels
  • 36% reduction in safety incidents
  • Faster compliance (78% of employees completed annual PCI training within 2 weeks)

Walmart Logistics: Cultural Excellence

With 150 distribution centers across the US and 75,000 associates, Walmart Logistics was frustrated with the high cost associated with safety incidents. Walmart Logistics turned to Axonify to provide it with something radically different, something that would embed a world-class safety culture. That’s exactly what it got—including an approach that appealed to a multi-generational workforce, while continuously reinforcing safety best practices and tracking employee behaviors. It was also accessible and empowered workers to take advantage of their own learning during downtime.

The results:

  • 54% decrease in Recordable Incident Rate (RIR)
  • 30% reduction in Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)
  • 91% voluntary participation rate
  • 96% of behavior observations have been positive, meaning employees are applying their knowledge

MCAP: Customer Service Excellence

MCAP is one of Canada’s largest independent mortgage financing companies with over $56 billion in assets under administration. Its contact center is understandably busy, and agents were struggling to remember knowledge they needed to answer questions quickly and correctly. The company was constantly pulling agents off the phone for regular training and certification. MCAP turned to Axonify help provide essential knowledge to their agents without taking them off the phones.

The results:

  • 94% voluntary participation rate
  • 21% increase in knowledge growth
  • 20% reduction in call escalations
  • 86% call quality rating
  • No longer having to pull agents off the phone for training

John Hancock: Reduce Risk

Boston-based John Hancock is a financial services leader and a subsidiary of Canadian-based powerhouse Manulife Financial. It was looking to ensure its mutual fund reps (an increasing number of whom were millennials) remembered critical information about their portfolio in order to meet revenue targets more consistently. The company also wanted to reduce risk by moving past check-the-box type of compliance to a modernized learning system that would help management take a daily pulse of their sales team. Axonify served as “the catalyst for their learning transformation”, according to CFO and SVP Charles Rizzo, providing John Hancock with a system that engaged their millennials and ensured knowledge lift.

The results:

  • 89% voluntary participation
  • 14% average knowledge lift across all teams, with some topic areas as high as 37%
  • Direct correlation between participation on Axonify and performance – those who participated more, made fewer errors

Northgate Market: Aggressive Growth Strategy

Northgate Market, a California-based grocery retailer had an aggressive growth strategy but was also plagued by high shrink rates, which employees were simply not recognizing as a problem. The company needed a solution that would engage employees and reinforce critical knowledge around loss prevention. Axonify provided that solution.

The results:

  • $585,000 in savings within 12 months due to reduced safety incidents
  • 3-week decrease in onboarding time
  • 90% voluntary participation rate
  • Up to 18% growth in store associate knowledge

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