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Wondering what to expect if you subscribe? Here’s a glimpse of some of the most popular issues from 2022.

Issue #34 –
Onboarding 100,000 associates requires a bit of magic

I’ve certainly onboarded my share of new employees over the years, but never approaching anything near the scale of a retailer like Lowe’s. How do you efficiently onboard huge volumes of employees who are coming to the table with varying degrees of experience? How do you get everyone performing not just quickly, but confidently so that the quality of your customer experience doesn’t suffer?

Issue #44 –
Discounts don’t move excess inventory. Associates do.

When supply chain issues were running rampant, many retailers dialed back on promotions. Paired with high turnover across retail in recent months, this means many associates haven’t been properly trained to sell through massive markdowns. And that raises some important questions for retail leaders.

Issue #49 –
Are associate skill gaps your “leaky basement?”

Imagine there’s an old carpet runner on your stairs. You walk up and down those stairs every day—multiple times a day—and each time you’re reminded that the shabby runner needs to be replaced. Contrast this worn-out runner with a broken pipe that’s leaking water into your basement. The moment you get a soggy sock stepping onto your basement floor, you’re on the phone with a 24-hour plumber. Water in your basement is a situation that demands your attention. Right. Now.