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Aristocrat Leisure Limited has pioneered the gaming industry since 1953, to deliver the world’s greatest gaming experience. operating in 90 countries and licensed in 240 gaming jurisdictions, Aristocrat Lisa proficient workforce and continued innovation are the heart of their business. That’s why Aristocrat uses the Axonify microlearning platform. but I was looking at our workforce and what we need to do in the future of development, it was clear we had to come up with some different solutions in the traditional PowerPoints, classroom, technical notes, that type of thing. I needed something is very adaptable to the workforce on demand, very easy to use and also worked at the pace of the employee. One not the things about the traditional corporate learning is going along with the concept of one-and-done training, it’s isolated, it’s happens in the classroom and then you move on with my life. but corporate work is not like that, corporate work is everyday, you are constantly having to make decisions and grow and work on your performance. Our products change quite often and the skill sets have to adapt the right place at the right time. We felt like Axonify already fit into this culture of learning that we have and we’d even take us to the next level by really making it a daily habit. The biggest strength of Axonify to me has been the convenience of having the ability to do your training on the go. Before Axonify we would have to be on our computer close to internet access and to as we’re now we could be standing at Starbucks, the food truck and right of our phone it will take us two to six minutes to complete. That concept of being able to do it in your daily workspace which is not cubicle and being engaged and enjoy it is exactly what we wanted to do. Axonify does help us keep up with our fast-paced environment specifically we had an experience recently where we had to send out a quick safety training, it was very high-profile we really needed to get the training out and we were able to get it to everybody, you know, all at the same time versus with a traditional LMS you’d have to wait until they actually took the initiative to login to check their training. What we learn on Axonify keeps us stay on the stuff that we’re doing now as well as things are going to come in the future. when I talk specifically about changes, if we don’t make these changes we can’t remain competitive. and when employees looked at us as a preferred employer, what are we doing different than our competitors, I do know that nobody else offers these types of solutions and we got to show them how we continue to reinvest in them as an employee. I would say to other learning leaders that take the plunge and do it, you will get amazing data and amazing results and it’s worth it. when you think of Axonify, I was asking to use one single word and single word I would say is it’s the right answer Aristocrats field technicians use Axonify to stay competitive. employee knowledge grow to 96% and 50% decrease in technical product setup through increased employee knowledge and confidence. 99% of employees find Axonify is easy to use with a voluntary participation rate of 87% and skill sets are implemented immediately across a remote workforce with a performance now measured in hours instead of weeks