Content Exchange Customer Reactions

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The Content Exchange is exciting for us because it gives us the ability to have so much more content than we could ever develop in a short period of time. This is going to really allow us to be really quick and nimble and agile and getting, you know, quality training out to our learners. And having the ability to have access to thousands of pieces of content available for the content exchange is just phenomenal. It’s really going to cut down on the time that we spend crafting questions and content, and also we have a sudden need or an impact that we need to get out quickly to our team members, we will be able to grab from the content exchange while our developers are working on other training solutions as well. The fact that it’s, already based on Axonify methodology makes it that much easier. We’re constantly pushing out new training, a new content, Axonify Content Exchange is really going to help us keep on top of that need.